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– Handmade Himalayan silk scarves – $30
– BEE’S BAGS Handmade Totes – Maui, Hawaii – $55 – $65
– Catherine’s handpainted ceramics sets – $75 – $325
-Handknit scarves w pom poms – SALE $7 – 20

BEE’S BAGS Handmade Totes –
We are the exclusive store for Bee’s Bags Totes $55 to $65 – Handmade on the island of Maui (Hawaii), these colorful totes in oil cloth or authentic Guatemalan fabrics with vinyl bottoms are known for being sturdy with attention to detail.

Perfect for groceries, work tote, the beach, work out, school tote, camping, sporting events, diaper bags… almost anything everyday!  (View colorful selection below –  some in team colors like UO and OSU)