“Estate” rugs on consignment from local residences.  We offer a wonderful way to sell your fine or favorite rug that no longer fits into your interior decor or suits your needs.

“Thank you for handling the selling of the rugs over the last few years. I very much appreciate your help with this”  David J.

All rugs must be professionally cleaned and have a cleaning receipt before entering our store. (Ray-Burt’s in SE Portland will usually provide a cleaning estimate, (503)653-0440.) We have many beautiful and valuable rugs and must take every precaution to maintain the quality and integrity of our current inventory.  Pet hair, unseen dirt and soil can affect other rugs if not cleaned prior.  We will assess a cleaning fee if we deem it necessary to clean or re-clean a rug in order to sell.  We desire the rugs be in the best condition for the customer and new home it goes to.  Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. You would want the same too.

We provide a 90 day contract where we photo and place your rug(s) on our website and in our store for potential customers to view and try out on approval (Some restrictions apply to rugs “On Approval”).  We also market rugs to specific customers and in our ads. We price the rugs based on quality, color, condition and information provided by the owner.  The contract may be extended, customer may pick up or we are happy to donate.  We reserve the right to lower the price after 30 days if we feel it necessary to sell the rug(s), this depends on the level of interest in the rug(s).  Some rugs sell quickly and others take more time.

Our contract is a 50/50 percentage to the consignor and to us. Any in store cleaning fee will be deducted from the final sale price.  We reserve the right to maintain flexibility in the price we set for a potential sale.  It is our highest desire to sell your rug(s) for you at an appropriate price.  We do not guarantee a certain sale price for your rug(s) or that your rug(s) will sell.

We have a security system though we are not responsible for loss, any type of damage or theft including when rugs go out on approval. The above is for information only.  All rights reserved. All photos and content are the property of Heritage Looms, Inc. Copyright 2022.