Heritage Looms stems from the tradition of weaving handed down through generations. Rugs are a part of history and life in the east. In tribes and remote villages the carpets are used for comfort, warmth and sometimes sold for household needs. Each family has personal history woven into the carpets through the loom.

“The Touch of Tradition” is our trademark for this centuries long practice of handing down traditions through the use of the loom. We share these traditions and passion with you in our selection of city, village, modern, transitional and tribal rugs.

City and village rugs are usually woven specifically for sale. The traditions are still handed down from the master weaver (Ustad)-and the intricate details are amazing to the eye just as the simplicity of the tribal rugs are warming to the heart.

The weavers are very detailed and their passion is displayed in the rugs through the use of color and symbolic motifs. This is why we say, “Truly, one of a kind” works of art from the weavers heart”.

Each of our rugs are hand selected by Minoo, our personal representative in Iran. She is the sister of our dear friend Ali Talebi. Minoo means “colorful one” in Farsi and indeed she has an eye for color, detail and unique rugs.

Minoo buys direct from the weavers. We receive many compliments on the quality and colorful selection of our rugs and it is because of her. All of the Persian rugs are sent to Tehran where they are washed and tagged. On our tag we have the saying, “Happy to You” which is the Farsi translation of our saying, Many Blessings.

Heritage Looms – purveyors of beautiful hand knotted authentic new Persian rugs.  Heritage Looms also carries a unique selection of handmade new, antique, transitional and modern rugs on consignment.

Click on our links to see a selection of our current inventory or we invite you to visit our store to witness the master weaver’s work and see how each of our rugs intricate detail makes them into an impressive and unique creation.

– Many Blessings –