Kurt Werner George Schalk, 1901-1984. Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret), “On May 27, 1940 he spoke to the “Lutheran Brotherhood” in Worthington, Minnesota on the subject “National Defense.” The conclusion of his hour presentation…is quoted as follows:” “No sane person wants war any more than he wants disease or flood. War is not Christ’s way, neither is it Christ’s way to suffer (tolerate) the aggressor to encroach upon the rights of law abiding and peaceful people, and to substitute ruthless tyranny for justice. He who takes the sword as a bandit and aggressor sins. He who takes the sword in defense of the right against the bandit and aggressor who would rob and murder, may be acting in accordance with the will of God, and if he fails to the best of his ability to protect his charge he is not a faithful steward, but a slacker and coward. When Christ reigns and rules the minds and hearts of men and governments, the day of the armed policemen and criminal courts, and soldier and sailor will have passed. As good citizens and good Christians we must do all within our power to advance the cause of world peace. Many are the schemes to promote it. But finally, I am convinced that the only absolute cure for war and the only hope of the world lies in the mastery of Jesus Christ. Laws, Treaties and agreements are so often the garments of hypocrisy. Treaties mean little or nothing unless the heart of a people is right, unless there is the character to keep them (treaties) faithfully.” and March 27, 1995, Walt Grebe wrote to me, “We appreciate your trust and confidence and welcome the opportunity to be of service. In return we pledge our best efforts on your behalf. A successful…relationship is very much a partnership–built on good communication, mutual respect, and a clear purpose and direction.”